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Collect, manage and report environmental data electronically

We're Environmental Professionals

EnvironmentalReports® (ER) is a platform built by environmental professionals to help modernize our industry. Every day, we empower the next generation of EH&S businesses and professionals by blending a solution that is user-friendly consisting of instruction, inspection, reporting, and analytics modules. The net of this is huge improvements in time, quality assurance, compliance, and profitability for our customers.

We replace the paper-based forms that the industry has relied on in the past with simple yet powerful hand-held applications. A new generation of consultants use ER's out of the box tools such as eCOC® and eXRF® or build their own to mobilize their workforce. Our mobile technology and SaaS solution utilize the latest cloud technology to store, organize and convert field data into reports and insights. With ER, everybody benefits by working smarter and more efficiently.

Consultants | Inspectors

Track the progress of your projects using an intuitive web-based tool. Integrated document management, advanced search, task management, and robust security will make your work easier. ER saves consultants time and money by allowing them to focus their energy and expense on building additional business and adding value to their existing customers.


Reduce exposure to litigation and disputes. All of your data is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week thru a web browser, with a simple interface that anyone in your company can use, enabling you to make important decisions and anticipate issues.

Lab Integration

Sample data is aggregated on a secure online portal. Lab orders are transmitted electronically to labs before samples even arrive, improving productivity and quality control. You can print out a chain of custody from the portal in PDF format or export the sample data and lab results to excel for inclusion in your reports.


EnvironmentalReports® mobile technology is powered by FORMYULA. All environmental consultancies work differently. The FORMYULA® solution allows us to create a data capture solution that is tailored to your needs and the way you work.